Beardo Hair Building Fiber (12g)

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Beardo Hair Building Fiber (12g)

Give your hair a great build-up

  • Covers bald patches instantly
  • Gives fuller and denser hair
  • Increases hair volume

Your hair loss and thinning hair draining down your confidence and looks? Worry not, Beardo’s got you a Time Machine err…Just kidding! We have come up with a radical product that will instantly reduce few years from your actual age! Yes, Beardo Hair Building Fiber can give you thicker hair and hide your bald patches instantly. There are several reasons to balding like stress, genetics, malnutrition and some people may have scarce hair growth naturally. This product is created using best of the best resources and technology making it effective on all types of hair. Beardo Hair Building Fibers are charged with static electricity and therefore stick to your hair adding volume and density to them without causing any damage to your existing hair. All you have to do is just sprinkle some fiber on dry hair and pat them. Spray some Beardo Hair Spray to set the fibers & get a more defined and finished look to step out with confidence.

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Beardo is not just a beard care expert that only focusses on beard grooming products, They have also forayed into men’s skincare range that includes scrub, moisturiser, masks, bodywash, serums et al and a carefully curated hair care range that focuses on hair types and various hair problems that men are prone to